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Subject: Only open if extremely open mi
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divadeli 1.10.09 - 09:09am
I'm afraid this has nothing to do with noble pursuits, however quite the contrary. some may call me a freak, i call myself curious and ambitious. as you may have guessed by now i'm babbling about the puruit of l*st and hedonism, therefore turn back now if your not comfy. you have been warned!
i love men and women, and i'm not ashamed about it. the best of both worlds collide in the bedroom and tye boardroom(my 2 favourite places in the world.) i feel inclined to share a fantasy that i wouldn't mind actualizing.
my fantasy is to start an invite only s*x group. this is where both consenting adults of both s*xes come to explore their wildest fantasies or to just . therefore there would be all sorts of pairings and groups. the rules would be:
1.strict confidenciality(contracts and penalties included)
2.mandatory monthly VCT and hopital check ups. all of which would be done notorioudsly. s*x without condoms.ALWAYS.
4.No recording. phones would be confiscated at the door. soliciting within or without *

divadeli 1.10.09 - 09:11am
Questions and coments are welcome.As well as more rules and structures. *

zack1k 6.02.10 - 07:58pm
I wld lurv this is it just a thot or u'v already implementd it? *

ezkiel 20.03.10 - 09:03pm
Watch this space i am in the process of forming this wandaful grup.Its time some1took some action.Its already been 5months since this suggestion was laid down.I'll make it public when it is complete *

tickle_u 1.06.10 - 12:23am
Heyyyyy. Am in!! Wea u at? *

greigh 17.08.10 - 04:27pm
I can't wait .when do u think it will start? *

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